As the name implies, family dentistry is an area that caters to everyone from young children to adults and seniors. Because all ages are accepted, it is usually a preferred option for parents with children, allowing everyone in the family to have the same provider for their oral health needs. Visiting the same dental provider also helps to build a trusting relationship between patient and dentist, making the process easier on patients and encouraging them to get essential dental services through family dentistry.

Brisbane family dentists provide preventive services to stop tooth decay and plaque so more serious tooth problems do not occur. One of the most essential services provided by a family dentist is regular cleaning. Just basic and routine dental cleanings can help a lot in maintaining the health of your teeth. These dentists also provide periodic x-rays to search for cavities, fill existing cavities and administer fluoride treatments to coat teeth and provide a barrier that makes it harder for cavities to occur. Today, every serious dentist office has an online presence too. Some dentists have their websites on the search engines and others have their Instagram and Facebook profiles on social media.

By visiting a family dentist twice a year for routine maintenance, you can avoid costly repair work down the line caused by cavities, decay, plague and infectious dental diseases. For most individuals, these twice yearly visits prevent the need to ever have root canals, periodontal treatments and other expensive treatments and surgeries only performed by specialists. For example, a routine cleaning and exam by a family dentist in Brisbane will cost less than one hundred dollars, while a root canal performed by an endodontist can cost hundreds of dollars for each tooth.

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