Mihantarh is the first and the largest persian graphic market in the world. the largest source of persian graphic design’s selling at the best prices with over 100,000 files in store.

Benefits of Homeland Market Design for graphic designers and novice users

The graphic files presented in MihanTarh Market are very useful and efficient not only for professional graphic artists and capable people in this field, but also meet the needs of beginners to create graphic designs needed in business or daily life.

Many users who have a basic knowledge of how to work with Photoshop or other editors can use their ready-made and open-layer designs in the homeland in the shortest time and with their own taste, such as business card, post, post. Design Instagram, posters, etc. and provide them at no extra cost. Professional graphic designers also use these open layer designs as a general context or part of their designs and save time and money.

Mihantarh Services as a graphic market complex

Another advantage that sets the Market apart from other markets is that it enters areas other than graphic open layer designs; Therefore, this market has become a complete and comprehensive package for designers and acts as a large and diverse environment to meet all the needs of users in various fields.

In addition to the above, Mihantarh Market has also provided its users with a complete and extensive collection of audio files to make it easy to make various videos movies and music. Audio effects files, background music, logo music, افکت صدا, movie soundtrack, sports sports music, etc. are some of the things that Mihantarh offers to its users in this field and facilitates the editing of movies, teasers or videos for editors.

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