Tennis is one of the classiest sports of all time, hence why some of the hottest sports people are Tennis players. However, the crème de la crème of the Tennis world seems to be too willing to flaunt their physical superiority by appearing on magazines that has nothing to do with the sports. It all started with Anna Kournikova, the first Tennis sensation who graced the billboards with her stunning physique.

Next was Maria Sharapova, who luckily unlike the former, actually had the skills to win grand slam titles. Now, it seems that another Tennis star will be appearing on Playboy, we hear its another Russian doll, we hope she plays as hard as she does the guys.

As a young man, Roger Federer was notorious for his temper, this often led to him being kicked out of the court. As the years progressed, Federer learned to channel all of his energy to improving his craft. At age 12, Federer chose to give up football to focus on Tennis. It was a decision he would not regret seeing that it was the start of his rise to greatness. Today, Federer is still the number one tennis player. Rafael Nadal retired after losing to him in the last open wherein the latter had a standing ovation for putting us such a remarkable career in Tennis. You can find much more sport news like this online, just type your favorite sports topic and you will get numerous related results.

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