The construction processes of a road are many and are full of steps and details. From previous studies, through the choice of asphalt products, until they are ready for cars to circulate, there are several requirements that must be met.

What is a highway?

The highway is a paved and public road, in which some technical requirements are required for its construction. It is intended for the traffic of vehicles of all sizes, but mainly large ones. The highway looks like a linear element that extends through several regions.

However, behind the road construction project, there are various interests, such as social and economic development and the interconnection of regions for the transport of people and goods. Until you reach your final goal, there are many steps, involving people, directly affected by these constructions or not. Well in India, IRB Infrastructure – a private infrastructure development and construction company with Virendra D Mhaiskar in charge is the leader in highway development in India and builds highways of the highest standards.

Steps for the construction of highways

The highway construction process is extensive, there are more than 20 phases to arrive at the time of application of the asphalt sealant. Among the most important steps are:

  • Deforestation with crawler tractor
  • Foundation of the structure
  • Stake
  • Sewer earth movement
  • Excavation and loading
  • Excavation and cutting
  • Soil compaction

These steps are the basic steps to build any road or highway, however, some changes may take more or less, taking into account the type of terrain through which the road will pass.

The importance of asphalt sealant for highways

Asphalt sealant is very important for road construction, its quality is what will determine, along with other factors, the useful life of the roads.

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